Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 2 Reflections

Today, we went to the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (MAE) to do our projects. 

Project 9A's two sub-groups worked together on the pedal-powered 12V car battery charger. It was fun working with them. Using the materials given to us, we assembled a functioning pedal-powered battery charger. 

 During this process, we realised that even if it was working well, there were many problems in this design, so we started thinking of designs which will solve these problems. We thought of a design that allowed us to make use of their current environment as their frame for this process. 

Our design consists of bamboo structured to fulfill the duties of the other materials that cannot be found there like aluminium. Overall, this day was enjoyable and I got to learn more about this project that I have been given and I am glad that I got a chance to had a go at this project.

Day 1 Reflections

Project 9(A)
What seems interesting about this project to me is how a conversion of energy is possible with pedaling a bicycle and storing electrical energy to a battery.
I think my understanding of energy conversion will be more clearer and I can better understanding what my teachers and friends are talking about from this project.

Plenary Sessions

Plenary Session 1:
I learnt that corals are actually able to show the results of when the earthquakes happened in the past. I also learnt not all corals actually look like those from the movie ‘Finding Nemo’. (I really didn’t know) I also learnt that earthquakes and the amount of damage that can be done to an island can be roughly predicted.

Plenary Session 2:
I learnt that 2D animated are actually done frame by frame and one episode of an anime can take up to 6 months long.

Plenary Session 3:
I learnt that with the current technology we have, atoms can be moved using a specially modified tool.

Manual Questions:

1) What is the working principle of an electric motor or dynamo?

2) Explain the function of a rectifier.

3) What are the other (than pedaling) competing ways of charging battery without using

mains electricity?