Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 1 Reflections

Project 9(A)
What seems interesting about this project to me is how a conversion of energy is possible with pedaling a bicycle and storing electrical energy to a battery.
I think my understanding of energy conversion will be more clearer and I can better understanding what my teachers and friends are talking about from this project.

Plenary Sessions

Plenary Session 1:
I learnt that corals are actually able to show the results of when the earthquakes happened in the past. I also learnt not all corals actually look like those from the movie ‘Finding Nemo’. (I really didn’t know) I also learnt that earthquakes and the amount of damage that can be done to an island can be roughly predicted.

Plenary Session 2:
I learnt that 2D animated are actually done frame by frame and one episode of an anime can take up to 6 months long.

Plenary Session 3:
I learnt that with the current technology we have, atoms can be moved using a specially modified tool.

Manual Questions:

1) What is the working principle of an electric motor or dynamo?

2) Explain the function of a rectifier.

3) What are the other (than pedaling) competing ways of charging battery without using

mains electricity?

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